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Remodeling your Attic or Basement is a perfect way to increase overall living space/square footage without additional building. Why spend high costs and effort to design a wing when the space already exists! Source One Attics and Basements will work with you to design the perfect solution for your home- extending the exact style and continuity to your new living space. Increase the overall value of your home while giving your family more space to enjoy.

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Attic Conversions are delicate and sometimes tricky jobs that require care and skilled craftsmanship. Creating a new living space in a previously unused area, covered with insulation and a roof right overhead requires training and experience. Wiring and even entire air conditioning and heating units sometimes must be relocated and configured in the process of renovation. Finally, of course the last thing you want is a messy crew pouring dust, debris into your home and leaving footprints all over your carpets.

Source One will take extreme measures to be sure your living space is not impeded upon. We want you to be very happy not only with the final product put the building process as well.

Attics can be made into very unique living spaces for a number of functions such as: home offices, childrens play areas or guest rooms/guest apartments. The major issues with reinventing your attic will be to fortify the new "floor" which had not been used to support people or furniture, to insulate


and heat the new room, and to create a stairway- where you can integrate specialized bannisters and even spiral staircases. These are standard modifications that can be made with little difficulty.

A Basement Conversion can take a dark, dingy, scary basement and make it a lively, gorgeous space that the whole family will want to congregate in! Many clients who desire basement conversion utilize the "negative" aspects, such as lack of light, as positives, by creating a home theatre for example. However, there are many examples of stunning basement functions such as: exercise rooms, home offices, playrooms, game rooms, pool parlors, dens- whatever you desire Source One can make it happen for you.

The main structural fortifications and enhancements for your Basement Conversion will be insulation and waterproofing. We will make a full assesment of your basement insulation to maximize the efficiency and comfort of your new living space. Insulation not only regulates the temperature of your basement living space, it also prevents unwanted condensation- which can cause mold and mildue issues. Waterproofing requires a detailed process that assesses your entire basement foundation and repairs any problems that are detected. Water leakage is something you never want in a basement, especially in one that you have spent time and money making stunning and livable.

Contact us today if you are ready for an amazing new attic or basement living area. We would love to make your beautiful home even more attractive and more spacious!
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