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Times have certainly changed- especially due to the internet- when you can make more income from home than you do at the office. More people are working for themselves and doing it right from home! A well designed and properly constructed home office is not only important for your company's productivity but is essential if you want to maintain the look and feel of your everyday home life. With family, children, everyday responsibilities- a home office must be somewhat flexible or it may be isolated from the rest of the home. This is a matter of personal preference that Source One Construction will help you with as far as pros and cons. Either way, a home office done right will complement the style and design of your home while providing a comfortable environment to work in.

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The Source One Design Team will start by having a conversaton with you about the needs of your business and what elements are most critical to you: Do you need a lot of desk space? Do you need a lot of filing space? Will you need many- or strategically located- electrical outlets? What computer and electronic components will you be integrating so that we may best configure your hardware and wiring (making the


configuration as transparent as possible by hiding wiring)? How many workspaces will you need? Do you need easier access to some filing cabinets or drawers or hidden hardware than you will with others? Would you be using a wireless internet home network or bluetooth configuration with your computer and peripherals/accessories?

There are many careful 21st century considerations that a Source One Design Specialist will bring to your attention so that your home office environment will be productive and your business can be more profitable.

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