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If your home's exterior has been abused by the elements and you need a cosmetic makeover that will also lower your utility bills, high quality siding is the answer! You do not need to spend a lot of money to significantly increase your home's resale value. Imagine a full, uniform color and material canvasing your entire home- according to your exact specifications and personal style!

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Think of your roof as a the helmet and your siding as the decorative armor of your home. It protects you from the harsh elements and from pests that want to infiltrate your living space. Siding also helps prevent penetration of moisture that can lead to biological contaminants such as dangerous molds, dust mites, bacteria and can even help keep out termites.

There are many different types of siding for you to choose from. It is simportant to choose the right kind of siding for your particular climate needs as each cater to different climates. One type of siding may be better than another for windy or hurricane suceptible climates, one may be better for cold, snowy climates, another better for wet, rainy climates and yet another better for arid, desert-like climates. The most important element that will influence your siding decision is the presence of humidity and water. Source One Siding Specialists will discuss with you these important elements so that you are best informed before you make any decisions.


Among the material types of siding are: Vinyl- applied in one piece and coated in your color of choice, is more resistant to scratching and fading and can be textured to look like wood or masonry; Brick- brick veneer siding, which is applied to the wood frame of your home, can be designed in many different decorative patterns and is the most durable form of siding; Wood- a gorgeous choice for residential home siding, you may choose a number of wood types such as cedar, redwood, pine spruce, fir and others; Stucco- this stylish look integrates plaster with a cement base, and is done in multiple layers; Steel and aluminum- a popular choice for affordable siding that withstands heat better than vinyl.

Call us today and a Source One Siding Specialist can answer all your questions and provide you with a beautiful home siding solution!
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