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 Whether you are looking for a landscape enhancement, a privacy and security barrier or a combination of both, Source One Fencing can provide you with the right Fencing solution for you.
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Fences come in many styles, materials and sizes. Today's homeowners most appreciate the classic look and feel of wood fencing and the wide selection of styles and finishes wood can provide. Wood fences are the ideal solution for beauty, security and durability. With a selection of wood types like Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar or even Whitewoods, you can customize the look of your fence right down to the grain. Wood fences are also very practical, economical and environmentally sound. You can be sure that Source One Fencing will enhance the look of your property with the natural beauty of a custom fencing solution.

Source One Fencing can also guarantee another highly important factor in establishing your residential fecing solution: quality construction. Your Fence must stand up to the most brutal elements Mother Nature has to offer as well as maintain a secure barrier that will not falter. Our high fencing installation standards create strong, long lasting fences that you can depend on.

Employing wood post and rail fence, split rail, picket and privacy fence configurations, Source One will discuss your  needs and determine what type of solution best fits your needs. Privacy fencing is usually necessary when security is more relevant- however privacy fencing does have style elements as well. Privacy wood fencing provides security, defines property boundaries, protects from outside intrusions, keeps things in (pets, children) , and helps control noise, wind and sunlight. If a privacy fencing solution best describes your desired requirement, Source One can help you design, configure and implement a quality privacy fence, even integrating some style elements  as well.

As for style, fencing also comes in decorative and picket forms. Decorative fences, like a beautifully framed photograph, allow you to transform your yard into a perfectly framed and secure masterpiece. Your decorative fence will also enhance your property as it can become an architectural extension of your home, integrating critical and prominent design elements.

Picket fences, the most popular and traditional style of fences in America today, remains a #1 favorite that will add style and charm to your home. Picket fencing still provides security and can be built with long lasting durability. They have the unique ability of creating specific boundaries- property lines, gardens- without projecting a fortress effect. If you are looking for the perfect picket fence, Source One Fencing would be happy to design just the right look for you, right down to the shade of wood stain.

Contact Source One Fencing today for the perfect style fence built strong and solid to last!
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